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During my employment with Animal Emergency Service (AES) and Perth Vet Emergency (PVE) I composed numerous blogs for their websites. These articles were developed for pet owners while promoting the expertise available to them by our veterinary teams who operated after hours.

The AES blogs I developed have been removed due to a website upgrade since my tenure. They were:

The AES Team did us proud at ANZCVS Science Week 2018 (10/07/18)
AES & VSS Carrara Celebrating 10 years (06/07/18)
Dr Webster and AusTick 2018 (02/07/18)
Logan shares top spot for pet ownership in Australia (29/06/18)
Introducing Brisbane’s very own: Dr Brooke Schampers (26/06/18)
AES and the 2018 Commonwealth Games (29/05/18)
Gold Coast Snake Catcher loses pet to a Brown Snake (03/11/16)
Advice before you bring a New Puppy home (20/10/16)
Cat caught in a tight situation (29/11/16)
AES Noosaville save a Guinea Pig’s life (29/11/16)
AES Noosaville saves Casey’s life (29/09/16)
What to expect upon arrival at an AES Hospital (29/09/16)
5 dog friendly Beaches & Parks in SEQld (08/09/16)
Emergency & Critical Care Veterinarians (08/09/16)
Lucky Pelican Survives (08/09/16)
Playing fetch is dangerous (08/09/16)
Toxic food for Pets (08/09/16)
Have you found a baby bird? (08/09/16)
Is my cat pregnant? (08/09/16)
About Animal Emergency Service (08/09/16)
The Paralysis Tick (08/09/16)
Snail Bait poisoning (08/09/16)

The Perth Vet Emergency blogs I developed are available at:

Does my rabbit have GI Stasis? 
GI Stasis troubles a Dwarf Lop Rabbit
WA Emergency Vets donate blood
Restraining dogs in cars

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