Animal Emergency Service - first video produced

Animal Emergency Service’s first video

I’ll never forget the day I walked in to a meeting with the Directors of Animal Emergency Service to pitch a crazy proposal for them to invest in a professional video production with intent to share across social media. 

This wasn’t a norm back then. Businesses investing in producing content for social media was a new phenomenon and I was armed with great ideas and sweaty palms. 

The inception of the first video

I was employed by Animal Emergency Service in December 2009 as a receptionist at the Carrara practice. The after hours pet critical care practice had been established a couple of years prior and I walked in with no medical experience – just a passion for customer service which is unwavering to this day. 

I had a passion for photography and writing so I thought enrolled myself in tertiary studies in a Bachelor of Arts with a vision to explore photography and initiate myself into business studies. I was working nights and weekends at the time so I thought a focus on opening my own photography studio and doing portraits of women and families was my future. I was wrong. 

I soon realised the stuffiness, arrogance, and judgement of my tertiary peers didn’t sit well (it also didn’t help many of them were a decade younger than me) so I refocused. After my first year I recognised I was excelling in my marketing electives, and while I was still doing well in my photography courses, it was marketing and my newly found digital subjects I was excited to attend and achieve results in. 

In my second year, I transferred to a Communications degree with focus on marketing and digital production. Photography became my elective and I introduced video production as another elective. I started having fun and despite personal challenges that included my husband having a heart attack, I worked through and continued achieving my goals. By third year, I was in my strive and I smashed it. I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and I did it. 

In 2013, I graduated and was done with being a receptionist. There wasn’t a marketing position at AES so I took a bold move to leave the company (my work family) to engage with other marketing professionals who could teach me more. I was craving more and I landed in an agency that taught me everything Google. AdWords, SEO, SEM, client expectations etc. This position didn’t fit me though. I soon realised my dedication and passion didn’t fit with the business model as I struggled with offering only ‘X’ amount of time to a client and I felt guilty every day that I couldn’t offer more to my clients on low budgets who needed more help than the contract they’d engaged in. I thrived in aspects, struggled in others, and I suspected I was better suited to a single focus. I thrived and absorbed so much learning and information in the atmosphere but I recognised I wanted to give every client 1000% and that just wasn’t viable. I was still inexperienced so I figured I’d find a role with a company or corporation I could learn from and grow in. 

I transitioned to a corporation with a vision to help. My motivation isn’t to earn money. It’s to be part of a bigger picture with core values that help others while I help myself. Earning an amazing income is supplementary to that.

The corporation I transitioned to didn’t work out so well. In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. 

I was bullied terribly by my direct line of management and I wasn’t working with other marketers. I was a pawn in a corporate chess game with details beyond what I’d like to share in this post but maybe one day I’ll share them. 

It was part of my professional growth and my experience in that employment contributed to making me the person I am today. 

I sought out to return to AES, and in that return I brought a vision about producing a video to promote their excellence that hadn’t been seen or shared in the Australian veterinary community before. That was a professional production via BisVideo.

My pitch

I’d like to highlight that at the time returned to AES, and pitched to produce a professional video, it wasn’t cool or something that was invested in at the time. Investing in practices like this were foreign to business owners so I was shitting my pants walking in to the meeting. 

I’d given the business manager, Mrs McKinnon, the heads up. But I was walking into a room of 2 directors (and 4 future directors) to give a pitch and I did so with no faith in myself, but I had faith in the product and result that was my driving force. All I had guiding me was my belief this was a phenomenal idea given what I’d witnessed in my “gap year” of learning and experiencing.

I showed them a video I’d seen and said, “I want to show pet owners what happens behind the doors of your emergency hospital. I want to give them insight, share this on the social media accounts I’d established years prior, and I wanted to tell a story engage staff and highlight how impressive they were as a team and individuals.”

This is the video that introduced me to the Latege brothers, founders of BizVideo. I knew the first time I saw this footage I wanted to produce a product as compelling for Animal Emergency Service. 

The production of AES' first video

Once approval was received from the directors of Animal Emergency Service, I met with Andre from BizVideo. He represented the skills and I represented the company’s vision. The meeting was over in no time with a clear image of what our goals were, the timeline, and the budget. This was a smooth process due to my studies in screen production, my clear and unwavering vision, and my experience in the industry.

We smashed it. I recruited staff, alerted rostered staff, brought in ‘pet extras’ and team members on their day off. We had a production plan I developed and I made sure we met the shoot deadlines and smashed it out. 

This was the first ever video for Animal Emergency Service. We met budget, finished filming ahead of time, and secured permission to produce more videos as a result of the success of this one. 

The first Animal Emergency Service Video

Production of more AES videos

These are another two video I facilitated the production of with BizVideo before I ended my tenure with Animal Emergency Service. 

I’m very, very proud of these achievements. Animal Emergency Service has set standards in video production in the industry. They’re part of the latest Bondi Vet series and the video posts they’re sharing are phenomenal. I’m so proud of the work that they’re doing, and while I’m not part I just want to say, 

“I remember that time, I had to walk into a room and deliver a pitch about what a great idea it would be to make the first video for Animal Emergency Service.”

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