My New Journey commencing 12.04.21

I’m embarking on a new journey as a Digital Marketer and I’m so excited I want to share it with you. The last fortnight has been full of so much joy and surprising outcomes. It is all a little surreal at the moment.

It all began a year ago when I decided I needed to find my next passion project. After many discussions with my darling husband, it was decided I needed to find my place and recommence my career. I had the luxury of working as a contractor able to be beyond picky about my next venture. 

I contacted agencies and started scrolling Seek and LinkedIn for jobs. I came across some that were interesting and put in a half-arsed application for a couple. 

Fast forward to 2021. I decided to get serious. I updated my LinkedIn profile and started submitting applications for positions with effort. I need to get out of the house and start working with professionals while being mentored by industry experts who can help me progress in my career. 

Since working as a marketer, I’ve been thinly spread. I’m a jill-of-all-trades working on website builds, social media strategy, direct marketing, PR, event management, branding, marketing administration, client relations and soooooo much more. It was time for me to take a step back and recognise the direction I want to follow with permission, from myself,  to be selfish and work on my plan to specialise in a marketing field. 

I am a Digital Marketer

The first step in my reconning was identifying the field I wanted to focus my attention on. This wasn’t an easy endeavour. 

I want to excel in everything I do and there’s no way I can focus on one field. 

Step 1: I started rebuilding my website. 

Step 2: I developed my CV which took more time than it should have. My website was stagnant while I worked my way through my resume, career, and achievements. Along the way, I identified my skills and the segment of being a marketing professional I wanted to focus on – Digital!

I spent more time than I should have to develop my CV and I uploaded it to Seek. I activated my profile and contacted agencies in my pursuit to get serious about my career. 

I was fortunate to engage two marketing managers’ interested in finding out more about me and interviews were imminent however a COVID lockdown was in place so they were delayed.

The power of finding the best recruitment firm (or them finding you)

I’d applied with a couple of recruitment firms but I got the stock standard auto-replies and no communication from an actual person. I didn’t care though because I’d secured interviews. Sure, they were delayed due to COVID lockdowns in Qld… meh. 

Then, an amazing thing happened which was about to reshape my career trajectory. I received a random phonecall from Emma at Talent Path (a company I hadn’t registered with). She’d stumbled across my CV on Seek and convinced me she had the perfect position for me. I fit all the criteria and if I was willing to proceed, she’d work through a process with me to confirm I was ideal and, what impressed me most, was her offering to provide me assurance they were ideal for me too. 

The process 

I embarked on two days of discussions (interviews) with Emma and had to complete a task pertaining to writing content for a corporation. The ‘discussions’ encompassed topics like my wants, strengths and weaknesses, work experience, salary expectation, and interview techniques. All of these were delivered subtly building my confidence along the way that this was an actual no shit of a lie possibility for me to nail a position in my dream career. 

Preparation aside,  I remember Emma telling me (two days after calling me to introduce herself), “You’re the right candidate for this national role and you’re ready for an interview. Are you ready to meet with the Marketing Manager for this company? If you agree, I’ll be able to link you both within a couple of hours.”

“Ummm, Yeah… OK… I can do this.”

The Interview

Upon entering the Teams Meeting early, I sat there with trepidation as well as the confidence I wasn’t about to waste a national marketing manager’s time with my babble. 

“I’ve given them all the information about your skills and expertise. All you have to do is be yourself and answer the questions. I’ve qualified you as a viable candidate. It all just comes down to you having a chat so the interviewer can ascertain if you’re a suitable fit for the team dynamic.” Emma needs a pay rise. She’s pretty phenomenal at her job given she found me in the stratosphere of data and recommended me for an enviable role to her valued client. 

The result

I’m not going to waste time here. I’m proud to say, “I (actually, Emma) NAILED IT!” 

I commence employment on Monday 12th April 2021 as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for a national company. Yaaaaaay!

This is a new role in the company working under the Marketing Manager alongside a Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer. 

The company, which I’ll name in due time (as long as I don’t stuff this up) is a B2B and B2C supplier of hospitality solutions to the hospitality, aged care, healthcare, school & mining industries. They have over 30 locations in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands. I now work at their HQ. 


It’s been quite a ride but I’m so thankful I got on this bus. I have one last weekend of Netflix marathons and I’m halfway through autumn cleaning my house.

A year ago I’d never imagined this would be the trajectory I’d be embarking on in my career. It feels perfect. It wasn’t expected or planned. I’m terrified and excited all at once. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

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