My Content Creation – veterinary

The following are links to my digital contributions in the veterinary field. I have many more available at your request. Please also note, I’m writing this webpage myself. While I’m not a web designer, or graphic designer, I have the fundamental experience to complete your digital requests internally, with enough savvy to ensure contractors are performing to your advantage.


Posts I’ve written with landing pages contributing to SEM and SEO.

Restraining Dogs in Cars (PVE, WA)

What is Vastibular Disease in Pets? (PVE, WA)

Can I give my dog Panadol? (PVE, WA)

Garfield wounded from a cat fight. (PVE, WA)

Emergency planning for Perth’s pets. (PVE, WA)

Dogs and New Years Eve fireworks. (PVE, WA)

Cat caught in a tight situation. (AES, Qld)

AES Noosaville saves a guinea pig’s life from bloat (AES, Qld)

What to expect upon arrival at an AES Hospital (AES, Qld)

Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarians (AES, Qld)

Playing fetch is dangerous (AES, Qld)

The Paralysis Tick (AES, Qld)

What are the signs of a GDV? (AES, Qld)

Articles for external digital publications

Articles I’ve written for external publications increasing brand awareness, client reach and SEO.

Australian Dog Lover Magazine (digital)

Dog eye injuries can be a vet emergency (AU, national)

Canine Bloat (GDV) is a pet emergency (AU, national)

Paws and Claws Magazine (print)

Hidden danger: Medcations and your pets. (Issue 26. p 56-57)

Charlie goes fishing – but ends up at the emergency vet clinic (Issue.23. p92-93)

Pet Industry Association of Australia (digital)

Canine Bloat (GDV) is a pet emergency (AU, national)

Positive Response Dog Training (digital)

Positive Response Dog Training handout  (AES, Qld)