Digital Communication is paramount to every business regardless of their size. Every brand has a wealth of knowledge and content is an avenue of telling your prospective or current clients about your expertise. Further still, content is key to helping your business get noticed online and a means of setting yourself apart from your competitors.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s the creation of posts, blogs, photo galleries and videos that are shared online for social media and search engines like Google. When done correctly it speaks to specific members of your online audience who interested in purchasing the product or service you’re offering. 

It isn’t an ad or promotional activity. Content Marketing is about creating material about specific topics relating to your product or service with the goal of capturing attention and of your audience who are ready to purchase your product or service. They’re ready to buy or book and my job is to ensure you’re represented online when they’re searching for their supplier. You can boost this presence with paid ads, which is a topic for discussion later, but it’s vital your website is built by an expert adept in the latest and greatest to ensure you’re in front of your competitors. That’s where I come in to the equation.

Why do I need a Content Marketing professional?

Content marketing isn’t as simple as throwing a few paragraphs together to make a blog. You also can’t take an adhoc video with your mobile phone expecting it to be viral as soon as you upload it to Facebook or YouTube.

There’s a science and skill required to develop successful material. Writing a blog post is strategic and targeted. The tone of the language and decision to use first, second or third voice is not a decision to be taken lightly. Knowing the exact market segment and ensuring the content is being developed for your audience is paramount for successful delivery.

In the same vain, you can’t take photos with your camera or video with your phone and expect quality results when you upload them. The professional approach is an expert eye that ensures the images are of good quality and value. They need to highlight your offering in the best light and there’s a whole lot of other photos and videos you’re competing with online. 

Further to that, search engine optimisation (SEO – unpaid search results) is a fickle science requiring expertise. The use of metadata to highlight the your offering is a science so you appear at the top of relevant web search results. It’s not as simple as writing an article about ‘the best headphones on the market’ and using the term ‘the best headphones on the market’ over and over again. The benefits need to be identified to appeal to the audience who responds to those benefits. The blog article then needs to be planned to target a niche using language they respond to as well as many other strategies. This also applies to images. 

I feel it’s important to highlight – You are the Expert! You’re the source of expertise to pull off effective content marketing, however I am able to develop the material and strategy to ensure quality content is delivered to your targeted audience for optimal results. Contact me for a free no obligation consultation to plan the growth of your business. 



I can deliver your content marketing

I don’t need to be an expert in your business. What I am is an expert in developing content that promotes your business. I research a whole lot and rely on you to fill in the gaps and qualify the research I’ve done. In the meantime, I’m learning about your clients in order to understand where they’re shopping for content to ensure they receive the message you’re sending, and where you need to improve as a business.

The first step is a planning session to understand your goals. Once we ascertain your goals, and while I’m learning about your business, we’re working on a single focus strategy to develop your content. I go away and create drafts of the content for your review and approval.

While this seems like a long, drawn-out and expensive process – it actually isn’t. This can be achieved with minimal turnaround time. I’m an individual (not an agency with many contact points) so the process is streamlined ensuring communication clear and focused from beginning to end. This not only keeps costs down but it also ensures the content you’re posting is of quality.

Do you want my help with content creation without commitment?

I’m not a sales person, I’m simply trying to make a living like you are. The first step is completing the form below so I have an idea of your requirements. I’ll respond to your form submission in kind and we can have a non-comittal chat about how we can improve your business growth.

After that you will receive a proposal and all you have to do is select which of the options (with pricing included) you would like to purchase. If you return the Process Order we can put our plan in place. 

Please note, completion of the enquiry form below does not add you to further communication mailing lists. I’d like the opportunity to tender for your enquiry and will not contact you again unless you engage me via direct email.

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